Fátima Sightseeing Tours Full Day

Fátima Sightseeing Tours Full Day

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Well of the Shepherds
Valinhos - Loca of the Angel
Batalha Abbey
Nazaré - Walking Tour
Nazaré Fisherman’s Village
Alcobaça Abbey ( Optional )
Óbidos Medieval City – Walking Tour

  portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit  All  the  Places  Above  Mentioned  At  Your  Own  Pace       

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Fátima  Basilica

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      Fátima Basilica, May 13th 1917, three children grazed a small flock in the valley of Iria, close to Fátima, called Lúcia de Jesus, 10 Years old, and Francisco and Jacinta Marto, Cousins, 9 and 7 Years Old
      Suddenly, they sighted a Shining Light, judging to be lightning, they decided to go, but, then below, another flash lit the space, and on top of a small Holm oak tree, a Lady Shining Brighter than the Sun, from whose hands hung a white rosary. 
The Basilica was Initiated in 1928 and Sacred in October 7th of 1953. 
      Its 15 Altars are dedicated to the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary; the stained glass window represents scenes of the appearances and invocations of the Litany of Our Lady. 
      One win find inside the Minster the Tombs of Francisco and Jacinta, Beatified when the Holiness the Pope,   João Pablo II, came to Portugal.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Well of the Shepherds - Valinhos  - Loca of the Angel

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      Visit the Place where the Children Lived With Their Families
      The well near the back yard of the Lúcia house, the well, where the "Angel of Peace", "Angel of Portugal", appeared for the second time in that hot summer of 1916. 
      Valinhos, Place of 4th Appearance of Our Lady, in 19 of August of 1917, designated by a monument. 

      The Houses of Lúcia and the Marto Family, the furniture and domestic objects and personal use are all conserved. 
Loca of the Angel where the children received the first and third visits of the "Angel of Peace" ( Spring and Autumn of 1916 ).

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Batalha Abbey

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      The year of the building of the Monastery is not known precisely, but everything shows   it to have been towards the end of 1387
King D. João I wanted to raised the monument of his mercy in the Place Where He Won the Enemies of the kingdom
      Several masters participated in this gigantic work of art had been varied that took about 200 Years to finish; (which never really happened). The Abbey of Batalha presents clear influence of the old constructions of the begging orders, in one of the rooms the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, is to be found, always by two solders and lit with oil lights, proceeding from an Olive tree which is to be found in the vicinity of the Abbey. 
      Its Construction Started in 1387, and was Drawn out up to 1580, it is one of the Most Stunning Examples of Gothic Architecture in our Country and, since 1983, it is Considered World - Wide Heritage by UNESCO.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Nazaré Fisherman’s Village - Free Time to Lunch

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      The Village of the Nazaré is of a relatively recent origin, since still in 17th century the sea reached the Mountain range of Pederneira, leaving covered what is the beach  today, the first references to Fishermen in Nazaré does not go beyond 1643. 
       It is said that in the 13th century the Christian King Rodrigo traveled to the Monastery of Cauliniana, and brought an image of the Virgin of Nazaré, from the holy Land, before dying, hid the image in a small cave by the Promontory, it was later discovered by shepherds who soon dedicated great devotion to the image.
But it was at the height of the beginning of the Kingdom of Portugal, on  September 8th  1182, in a foggy morning, that D. Fuas Roupinho, was hunting in the neighborhood, he followed a deer to the border of a cliff in a Small farm, from where, to this surprise, the deer  disappeared, while D. Fuas, supported only by the hind legs of this horse on the rock, invokes the protection of Our Lady of  Nazaré, and the horse withdraws to firm land, today the footprint of the horse  can still be seen on the rock.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Alcobaça  Abbey   ( Optional )

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      The Abbey of Alcobaça, recognized as World - Wide Heritage by UNESCO, is one of the most important European Cistercian Abbeys, the Monastery, with a length of about 220 meters, formed by three bodies, the Church, with a Facade reaching the 43 meters of height and the Sections North and South, where, respectively King's rooms and the Royal visits work to be found, and the Residences of the Priest and Monks.Tombs of D.ª Inês de Castro The cultural Significance of this monastery must be remembered, where in 1269  the First Public Lessons in Portugal were given, were a great part of Portuguese Medieval Codices were written and where the biggest historical study  on Portugal was done, and where the First Pharmacy of the kingdom Was Established. Alcobaça Church, the Biggest in Portugal, in his interior are

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            The Tombs  of Pedro and Inês

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      In his interior are the Tombs of, D. Pedro I and D.ª Inês de Castro, from about 1360, Two Personalities With a Heartbreaking Love Story

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Óbidos Medieval Vilage

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      Re-Established on the foundations, that still exist of some of the old buildings brought down by earthquake of 1755
Óbidos, faithfully and integrally revived, a Three Hundred Years Settlement.  The main entrance of the Village, is by a door with the following writer, The Virgin Our Lady Was Conceived Without Original Sin
      Ordered by King D. João IV to be placed there, in gratefulness for the protection of the Patroness, when the Restoration of 1640 took place, the streets of the Village are and narrow and winding, in each corner, one runs into, gaudy hidings place, the Rua Direita, the main street is known as such since the 14th century. The old Town Hall, 16th century, and the prison are situated in the square of S. Maria and it was restored between 1962 and 1970 to lodge the Main Museum, they are part of the estate of a collection of paintings, among others by Josefa D ' Óbidos, sculpture, archeology and weapons of the Peninsular War.

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