Évora Sightseeing Tours Full Day

Évora Sightseeing Tours Full Day

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Go by the Bridge 25th of April     
Arraiolos The Village - Walking Tour 
Arraiolos Carpets
Évora -  Walking Tour
Évora City Museum
Évora Minster
Sº. Francisco Church
Chapel of the Bones
Return by the Bridge Vasco da Gama

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit  All  the  Places  Above  Mentioned  At  Your  Own  Pace           

portugalcitytours stop 40            Go by the Bridge 25th of April  

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      Passing the Breathtaking panorama of the suspension Bridge 25th of April, with a total length of 2.278 meters cross the Tejo River.

      Monumental construction completed in 1966 and remains the St. Francisco´s “ Golden Gate “.


            Arraiolos The Village - Walking Tour and Coffee Break

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Arraiolos  The Village

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      The Arraiolos Village  was Established in  2nd Century   B.C. by the Celts, having later been inhabited by several civilizations,  among them the Romans. The Arraiolos Rugs ( Carpets ) production has remote origins, of Muslim influence and Persiancraftsmen arrived from  the North of Africa and these carpets manufactured in the periphery of Lisbon, when these Muslims Were Expelled by D. Manuel I, King of Portugal.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Arraiolos Tapestry Production

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      In 1496, some of these craftsmen will have remained in  Alentejo, Arraiolos was the place to restart  this handicraft. 
Beside the Rugs ( Carpets ), this Village has a Rich Heritage in Churches, Typical Houses and a Castle. 
Visits  to the Arraiolos Tapestry Production.

            Évora -  Free Time to Lunch

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Évora City Museum

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      Museum City, City of  Wonders - it is called and correctly go, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Museum Vibrates and Breaths like a lively and cheerful body, peacefully conscientious of its beauty, the Humanity has become accustomed to call it the" Wonders of the World, one usually criticizes those who learn to write, their heist of, before the beautiful or the horrible, choosing to simply say “ Indescribable ”.One growled get to knows Évora, not only trough its History and Monuments but also trough its population gathering their daily experience.

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      Évora holds presently 68 National Monuments and Listed Properties, which date from Prehistory to the Beginnings of 19th Century.
      Évora Was Classified by  UNESCO  as World – Wide  Heritage

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Évora Minster

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      The Minster of Évora is the Biggest Medieval Minster of the Nation, an ancient sanctuary constructed between 1186 and the first years of 13th century, succeeded the huge monument that today exists, which resulted from two notables campaigns of the Middle Age.
      Under the dynamic impulse of the bishop D. Durando Pais, that humble sacred church blessed by D. Soeiro in 1204 was demolished to give place to an ambitious Minster, without parallel in the remaining national scene. 

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Sº. Francisco Church  -  Chapel of the Bones

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      Close by you finds the Royal Church of S. Francisco ( End of 15th Century) and adjacent Chapel of the Skeleton, horrid workmanship, covered by the bones arranged from the monastic cemeteries, containing at the same time, Two Mummies, father and son, pertaining the legend that a woman cured them for having nitrated her in live.

            Return to Lisbon By the Bridge Vasco da Gama

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      The Vasco da Gama Bridge is the Longest Bridge of Europe, measuring 17.2 km, 10 of which over the river Tejo, with its 3 lures set in each direction, to serve the traffic that travels between the North and the South of the country, serving also traffic heading for Spain and Expo ' 98.

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