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Jerónimos Monastery
Coach Museum
Belém Tower
Monument of Discoveries
Lisbon City – Walking Tour 

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portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Jerónimos Monastery jeronimos 2 330 jeronimos 1 330

      Dating from 1496 the King Dº Manuel I questioned the Holly Minster for permission, to built a Huge Monastery at the entrance of Lisbon, close to the river Tejo boundaries, in 1501 the works started and approximately a century later, were finished.   D. Manuel I, and his descendants were buried in marble tombs in the main chapel of the basilica, the devotion of the Monastery to the Holy Virgin of Belém was another factor that weighed in the royal decision.                                     
      The building shows an extensive facade of more than three hundred meters, its horizontally expresses calmness and peace, the Cost of this Monument of Architecture Was Compared to the Weight of 7.000Kg of Gold, to occupy the Monastery, the King Dº. Manuel I choose Monks of the Order of Sº Geronimo, they had as their purpose, among others, to pray for the kings soul and give spiritual support to the navigators who left to the discover new worlds.  
      It Was Declared National Monument in 1907 and in 1984  UNESCO Classified it as - Cultural Heritage Of All The Humanity.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Coach Museum museu coches 2 330 museu coches 330 

      The National Coach Museum  Congregates an Unique Collection in the World of  Ceremonial and  Leisure Coaches from 17th  to the 19th Century, its majority proceeding from property of the Portuguese Royal House, includes Coaches, Berlins, Carriages, Litters, Children Buggies, Carriages, Chaises ,  a set of excellent quality that allows  the visitor  to  understand the artistic and technical evolution and  the ways of  animal-drawn transport used by the European courts until the Appearance of the Automobile. Of the displayed collection the Rare Commendable Traveling Coach of Filipe II, constructed in Spain towards the end of the 16th century, One Of The Most Ancient Coaches Ever Known
      Particular importance also deserves Three Colossal Coaches of the Embassy of the Marquis of Fonte to Pope Clement XI, Built in Rome in 1716
      These Vehicles, Unique in the World, are examples of Roman Carriages perfect, where the open boxes are conjugated with imposing sculptures in the back and front rear and front panels, allusive to the Discoveries and the Enormous Portuguese Empire.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Belém Tower torre belem 330 torre belem 1 330 

      The Tower of Belém Represents a National Feeling. It Is A Work Of Art, A Historical Landmark, Symbol and synthesis of Maritime Travels, the Glory and the Dedication of the People, with all its decorative wealth, that words can faintly explain Tower and Bastion of S. Vicente, as it was known before.  
        It conserves a dominating evocative power, recalling those times of long ago, greeting the vessels and ships, the heroes who without hesitating to met dangers, Thinking Only Of A Greater Portugal
Considered by UNESCO it a World - Wide Heritage

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Monument of Discoveries padrao descobrimentos 3 330 padrao descobrimentos 330

      Monument to Discoveries, masterpiece of nationalistic sculpture, was produced in 1960, during  Salazar’s regime, to celebrate the 5th Centenary of Prince Henry’s Death, he was called the Navigator, this monument has the form of a boat stem entering the water, the first statue belongs to Prince Henry, holding a caravel in the hand, followed by a number of personalities, such as, the poet Luis de Camões, among others. 

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit      Lisbon – Visit and Walking Tour and Coffee Break  Downtown Lisbon lisboa 8 330 lisboa 4 330

      White City, Origin of Navigators and Explorers of the Seven Seas, Diamond Incrusted at the Bank of a River.
Tracks of human occupation were found in Lisbon, from 5.000 to 10.000 Thousand Years BC
Lisbon was the Capital of the Kingdom in 1255. Between the 18th and the 19th century, it made itself sure of being the main commercial emporium between the Mediterranean and the North of the Europe. In the 13th century, emerged the first Portuguese University, in one of its districts. 
      In 15th century, the Portuguese left, from Lisbon, to Discover New Places. Lisbon is, still today, an open city to the known and the stranger world. lisboa 3 330 lisboa 6 330 
The 17th and 18th centuries were marked by a continuous effort of reconstruction of Lisbon. The most important campaign of workmanship in the city occurred immediately after the Earthquake, November the 1th  1755, it destroyed 10,000 buildings and killed more than 15,000 people. Out of the Ruins it Was Projected the First Illuminant City of the World, Lisbon.


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